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Council pays out over £330,000 in school injury compensation

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A recent report has found that Lincolnshire County Council has paid out over £330,000 in compensation to those injured at school. With claims ranging from a trapped thumb to a book falling on a child’s foot, the “compensation culture” argument has been raised in relation to many of the council’s payouts. The figures were released as part of a BBC Freedom of Information request which looked at the figures from 2008 to 2014.

One teacher was awarded with £4,000 after they “almost fell” when a stool broke. Other successful claimants included a child who received £3,500 for getting their thumb trapped, and another child received a similar amount after a book fell on their foot. The council said that negligence had been proven in every individual case.

Highest payout was £60,000

A Spalding teacher and spokesman for the teaching union NASUWT said that health and safety is not being taken seriously enough in the UK’s schools. He said: “Unless things are done to improve matters the health and safety of our students and teachers is going to be put at risk.

Other council payouts included a teacher who received £6,200 after falling over a tray in 2009; one pupil received £12,000 after a child fell onto another pupil from a climbing frame in 2011; a third claimant won £8,000 after being hit in the face by a hockey stick during P.E.  The highest payout was £60,000 to an ancillary assistant for a “series of injuries whilst at work” in 2010.

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