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There are few things more difficult to face in life than to find that you are paralysed after an accident. If you are left with any degree of paralysis it will certainly have had a significant effect upon your quality of life. Our team of local Sheffield solicitors** have extensive experience in claiming compensation if you have been partially or severely paralysed at work, in a public place or at home, or due to someone else’s action or negligence. Whatever the circumstances, you can talk to one of our personal injury lawyers Sheffield to find out how much you can claim.

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The trauma of serious injury can turn lives upside down. It might not yet have occurred to you to seek personal injury compensation, but the financial support you may well be entitled to might help with the significant costs that paralysis can cause in your everyday life. Perhaps your home or car need modification, or perhaps you have extra costs in employing a carer, or adapting your house appropriately for your everyday needs. You may have installed a ramp or an accessible bathroom. Or perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet if you are no longer able to work. Claiming compensation is a way for you to set aside at least some of the difficulties becoming paralysed will cause in your life, and our solicitors** deal with cases like yours across the Sheffield area.

With their local expertise our Sheffield-based lawyers will be able to inform you of the amount of compensation depending on your particular circumstances. The amount will depend on the severity of your injuries. Also, as with any compensation claim, you will need to gather any relevant paperwork. Medical documentation, bills, and consultants’ reports will all be useful. Our solicitors** will travel anywhere in the Sheffield area to visit you at home or in hospital, if you are not mobile.

Assessing the degree to which your paralysis has affected your everyday quality of life will enable our solicitors** to fight for the best possible outcome for your personal injury case.

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If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our injury lawyers can help you claim compensation through our No Win, No Fee* offering. Call us on 01144 938 199^ To make an online enquiry please complete our claim form.

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