Will I Have to go to Court?

In the vast majority of cases, personal injury claims rarely reach court, as usually the opposing side’s insurance company would prefer to settle rather than risk having to shoulder the expense of a court battle. This means that a financial agreement might be reached before the case is even brought to court.

In many cases where you are claiming compensation for personal injury, our solicitors** will be able to handle the case without it having to reach a formal court hearing. Court proceedings may be done by paperwork alone, and the procedure need not involve court presence in person.

Personal Injury Claims Going To Court

There are a few circumstances in which you would be likely to attend court in the context of a personal injury claim. If liability is in question, then you are likely to be called to explain your position to a judge. This occurs often due to a lack of evidence, or where you are partially to blame. It is vital that you speak to our Sheffield lawyers in order to establish blame and liability and the strength of your case.

You will also need to attend court if you are representing a minor under the age of 18. A court has to approve any compensation payments to a child, and when payments are made they are usually held in court funds until the child reaches adulthood.

It is also possible that you will be asked to attend court if the two parties can not agree on the amount of compensation to be paid. However, courts do not usually look kindly on this kind of disagreement and may well throw out the case, which leads to wasted time for all concerned. In all cases, you should make an appointment to speak to our solicitors** in Sheffield as soon as possible after the incident or accident has occurred, so that you can establish the best way to make your claim.

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