Laser Eye Surgery Claims

An increasing number of high street opticians and independent clinics are starting to offer affordable surgery, and what used to be considered a medical procedure to be carried out by a specialist is quickly becoming a commercially competitive consumer product. As a result of this, the number of compensation claims arising out of laser eye surgery is increasing. If you have suffered an injury as a result of laser eye surgery it is imperative that you speak to a Sheffield expert as soon as possible.

The commercialisation of laser eye surgery means that it is being practiced by poorly qualified practitioners, with little or no regulation, which results in a lack of information and clarity for the patients being treated. Whether these clinics are medically incompetent or operationally negligent, the innocent patient ends up being the victim, and should approach a specialised Sheffield solicitor** in order to claim compensation. The range of injuries and the technical and legal circumstances of each laser eye surgery claim require specialist knowledge and the guidance of someone who has experience of dealing with the types of injuries and particular circumstances that arise in this field.

Laser Eye Surgery Compensation

Complications can arise for different patients in different ways, and often problems are caused by a lack of expertise in the optician or clinician carrying out the operation. He or she may not have the qualifications to undertake a full pre-surgery investigation before prescribing the treatment, which may need to be individualised. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists has been urging for official qualifications to be made obligatory by law. Although the national average of complication rates is around five per-cent, this can rise to fourty per-cent at certain clinics, and it is therefore important that you speak to a Sheffield personal injury expert immediately if the right type of procedure has not been followed, or if the patient’s pre-existing medical history has not been adequately studied as regardless of the specific nature of the injury, it is likely to amount in a successful compensation claim as a result of the damage suffered.

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