Vibration White Finger Compensation

Vibration white finger is an injury caused by the constant use of operating vibrating machinery such as large drills, chainsaws, trimmers, concrete breakers or other types of pneumatic drilling systems. If you suffer from vibration white finger then you should contact one of our personal injury solicitors** in Sheffield who will be able to help you make a compensation claim.

You can make a claim for vibration white finger if you suffer from the following symptoms (especially in the cold): numb fingers, throbbing fingers, changes to your sense of touch, lack of strength in the fingers or the loss of colour in fingers. Although please note these symptoms may not present themselves.

Vibration White Finger – Personal Injury Solicitors

In order to assess vibration white finger compensation a number of factors will be considered including your working arrangements, the length of time you may have been exposed to such machinery, the symptoms currently being suffered and the potential impact on your future income. If you think that you have a potential claim for vibration white finger then you should speak to one of our personal injury solicitors** in Sheffield well within three years of the onset of your symptoms, as making a claim can be time consuming.

Our personal injury solicitors** in Sheffield will help you to determine who is responsible for your vibration white finger injury and will discuss the potential next steps including informing you of what information you will be required to provide (such as a detailed account of how the injury was caused, witness statements and a medical report if applicable).

Making a claim is free as personal injury solicitors** work on a no win no fee* basis (also known as a conditional fee agreement or CFA), which means that you will not have to pay for your legal fees should you lose your case and if you win your legal fees will be paid for by your employer, or more accurately their insurance company. This means that you do not have to worry about your finances when considering making a claim or any backlash from your employer as this would be against employment law and would entitle you to bring another type of claim.

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