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Lung disease is, sadly, a common occupational illness and can be caused by different types of dust, gas or chemicals that some people may encounter in the workplace. Your employer may be liable for a disease that you contracted at work. If you approach our specialist Sheffield solicitors** with your case, they will inform you of the possibility of claiming compensation against your current or former employer.

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Financial compensation can help in many ways. You may have immediate financial needs, as lung disease may mean that you are no longer be able to work, or your medical requirements and the cost of your care may have caused the cost of living to rise. Our Sheffield-based personal injury lawyers can examine whether you can claim damages for either the general effects of lung disease (your suffering, the degree of your disability and a projected loss of earnings in the future) or for specific damages related to actual costs you have incurred as a result of your lung disease, such as medication, hospital stays, and any adaptations you have had to make to your home. For instance, if you have difficulty breathing or exerting yourself, you may have installed equipment such as a stair lift.

Lung disease can take different forms. Asbestos exposure can cause asbestosis or mesothelioma. Occupational asthma can be caused by electronics work (due to soldering chemicals), isocyanides exposure from spray paint, or allergies to latex rubber or bread flour. Occupational bronchitis, emphysema, pneumoconiosis and silicosis are other forms of lung affliction which can originate in the workplace. Coalminers, farmers and employees exposed to dangerous substances may all develop lung disease. Our team of solicitors** work from our Sheffield offices making compensation claims on behalf of employees whose employers were not adhering to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994. Your employer may be found liable even if they are no longer in business, and you may even be able to claim compensation if you were self-employed. Your lawyer will be able to judge the strength of your case and help you make a claim.

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