Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Given the increase in the number of people having cosmetic surgery there has also been an increase in the number of cosmetic surgery claims for compensation. According to recent research, certain types of procedure have increased approximately fifteen percent, with some of the most common types of procedure being breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (common referred to as nose jobs), liposuction, face lifts and eyelid surgery.

There are, of course, an extremely wide variety of other cosmetic surgeries, and it is estimated that close to three hundred million pounds is spent annually. Given the fact that there is such a demand for cosmetic surgery, it is inevitable that certain individuals and organisations will be providing a service that is not up to the required standard. If you or someone that you know has suffered an injury as a result of a cosmetic surgery procedure you or they may be entitled to claim compensation and should speak to a Sheffield cosmetic surgery claim specialist for further information.

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

The cosmetic surgery industry is not as heavily regulated as other types of healthcare and service providers, and this, coupled with the fact that the industry is so competitive resulting in providers looking at ways of reducing costs means that negligence can occur. In such an event, the results can be extremely severe, both physically and emotionally. Such errors may lead to a reduction in the quality of the life of the individual concerned, as well as an increase in medical costs and potential loss of earnings. Regardless of the type of surgery, a successful cosmetic surgery claim often results in significant compensation.

Make a Claim for a Cosmetic Surgery Injury in Sheffield

Once you have spoken to a Sheffield personal injury solicitor** there are a number of steps that they will take in order to assess the strength of the cosmetic surgery claim. They will ask you for more information about the procedure, including details of any contract or other paperwork that was signed or agreed. In addition for this, any medical documentation or pictures relating to the injury suffered will also prove particularly useful in order to allow the Sheffield solicitor** to determine the amount of compensation that may be awarded.

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