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Dangers of Working in the Construction Industry: Making a Personal Injury Claim

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There have been a number of initiatives attempting to improve workplace safety and prevent serious injury through accidents, however, despite this, the construction industry remains one of the most common places for someone to sustain a serious injury.

There were more injuries and fatalities in the workplace in 2014/15 than there were in the previous twelve months indicating that, despite efforts to lower the number of workplace accidents, they are still exceptionally common.

The two most common areas for accidents to occur were in agriculture and once again, construction, which often dominates the UK in terms of the number of serious accidents in the UK.

Serious Construction Injuries

Although many steps have been taken to improve the construction industry, there are still a large amount of accidents each year.

Falls from height remain one of the most common injury types of accidents to result in serious injury. Naturally construction workers need to work at great heights, and sadly, a number of employers fail to provide proper safety equipment resulting in serious injury if they fall. Adverse weather can also play a factor in such accidents with many workers forced to work in unfit conditions in an attempt to remain on schedule.

Slips and falls are also exceptionally common due to the nature of the industry. However, with many hazards on a construction site, there are a number of factors that could result in injury from a slip, trip or fall including equipment and uneven ground.

Misuse of equipment can also result in injury. A construction site is exceptionally busy in terms of vehicle and foot traffic; thus, there are a number of injuries that can occur if health and safety rules are violated, or if staff are poorly trained on the use of equipment.

One of the most common types of claims following employment in the construction industry is due to workplace illness. In such a sector, workers can be exposed to dangerous chemicals and substances, such as asbestos. However, failure to properly deal with such substances can result in a workplace illness or a serious illness later on in life. Thankfully, however, it is possible to claim for compensation for such injuries.

Making a Compensation Claim Following a Construction Injury or Workplace illness

Your employer has a duty to ensure that all members of staff are protected in the workplace, and failure to do this would see your employer fail in their duty of care. This could also mean that your employer is liable for your injuries.
When making a personal injury claim, you should provide our personal injury solicitors** with evidence to support you claim. This could include:-

  • A medical report to verify your injuries
  • Contact details of witnesses to the accident as well as statements from them
  • A copy of the accident report book that shows your accident occurring
  • Photographic evidence of the area of where your accident occurred, what was responsible for your injury or photographic evidence of your injuries

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