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In recent times there has been a distinct rise in the number of prosecutions as a result of a breach of health and safety regulations. It is now more important than ever that organisations are aware of relevant health and safety law, and that they are compliant with legislation that applies to them. If your current or previous employer has failed to meet relevant health and safety regulations it is possible that you may have a successful compensation claim, and you should speak to a Sheffield expert as soon as possible.

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One example of a disease that can be contracted as a result of inadequate procedures is Legionnaires’ disease, caused by Legionalla pneumophila. This is an infection of the lungs that can prove fatal, particularly for those with other health complications or the otherwise weak or elderly. The disease is caused by the inhalation of air containing infected water or from drinking infected water. This means that air conditioning systems, cooling vents and other systems that use water are amongst the common causes of Legionnaires ‘disease. If you have contracted Legionnaires Disease you should contact a Sheffield solicitor** to discuss all available options.

There are a number of symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease, including but not limited to contracting a high temperature or fever, muscular pain, coughing, sickness, severe headaches and in some cases the suffering of a confused mental state. The Sheffield personal injury expert will look at whether or not the responsible party has taken the correct steps in order to mitigate some of the risks associated with legionnaires disease, including having adequate risk assessment procedures in place, ensuring products are correctly labelled, implement processes to minimise any emissions, correctly release any hazardous substances, provide suitable protective equipment and clothing, provide adequate training and continually manage and maintain effective control measures.

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