Building & Construction Site Accidents

Building and construction sites are full of potential hazards that can result in injury. From falling scaffolding to inadequately maintained equipment, the chances of accidents occurring and causing an injury to workers, contractors and site visitors are high. Because of the inherent risks to safety involved, firms and organisations responsible for building sites are under a legal duty to protect the people on their sites from suffering avoidable harm. If they or one of their employees fail to do this, and you suffer an injury as a result, then it is likely that you are entitled to make a building site accident claim.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors** based in Sheffield have vast experience helping people in and around the area make building site accident claims. They regularly use their knowledge of the local community, coupled with their legal expertise and vast experience, to make sure their clients get the compensation they deserve for having suffered a building site injury. For a no obligation initial assessment of your building site accident claim, please get in touch.

Suffering an Injury in a Building Site Accident in Sheffield

Suffering an injury in a building site accident can have very serious consequences, some of which can be life-changing. The law acknowledges this and will hold the organisation responsible for the site accountable if they cause you to suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault.

Building site accidents

Injuries that often lead to a building site accident claim are those where the accident that caused the injury should have been avoided. This will often be the case where an organisation or their employee failed to adhere to strict health and safety requirements, such as:

  • Failing to properly train people how to use equipment
  • Failing to maintain equipment
  • Failing to thoroughly and regularly conduct safety assessments
  • Failing to provide suitable safety wear

If an accident has occurred on a building site because of one of these reasons and your injury is the result of negligence, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Compensation for a building site accident doesn’t only cover the pain and suffering of the injury. It also covers any other loss you suffer as a result, such as loss of earnings for the time your injury kept you from working, and in more serious cases, the loss of future earnings and costs of making changes to your home to help you cope with the daily and permanent consequences of living with your injury.

How to Make a Building Site Accident Claim?

Making a building site accident claim involves building a personal injury case justifying compensation and following specific legal procedures. A specialist building site accident solicitor** will be able to do much of the leg work on your behalf, while using their specialist expertise to ensure your case proceeds smoothly and is presented in the strongest terms possible.

They will also be able to assess the total amount of compensation you are entitled to and make sure the other side don’t attempt to give you less than the full amount you can legally claim. This not only involves carrying out a detail investigation into the accident and contacting all relevant witnesses, it also means contacting the organisation responsible for the site and negotiating with them and their insurers.

In most cases, it isn’t the organisation itself that directly pays compensation. That task often rests with their insurer. Most building and construction site firms should have comprehensive workplace accident insurance in place that covers the costs of paying out damages to those who, through not fault of their own, suffer what should have been an avoidable injured.

How much compensation for a building site injury?

Exactly how much compensation you should claim depends on the particular circumstances. The injury you suffer, how it was caused and the consequences it has had are all fact specific and unique. This means that it is impossible to provide an estimate of how much a building site accident claim could be worth.

Although there are guidelines that can give a vague indication of the amounts it’s possible to claim for certain injuries (such as crushed limbs, head and brain injuries, amputation, broken limbs and industrial diseases), it must be kept in mind that such general figures only represent one part of a claim – it is also possible to claim for additional loss beyond that of pain and suffering caused by an injury, such as loss of earnings.

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