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Accident Claims Sheffield specialises in getting you the maximum compensation available to you after an accident. We help the people of Sheffield claim using our No Win, No Fee* system, which reduces the risk of you incurring costs from legal representation. Our panel of solicitors will help you recover damages for everything from soft tissue injury to brain damage. We want to help you get your life back on track – we’re here to help.

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Is My Type of Personal Injury One You Can Help Me seek Compensation for?

As long as the injury sustained wasn’t your fault, we can help. There is a long list of injury types our solicitors have experience in helping our clients claim compensation for in Sheffield.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most dangerous forms of personal injury someone can suffer. Our team of Sheffield solicitors can help you claim the maximum compensation available if you or someone you love has experienced a head injury.

Brain Injuries

Even minor brain injuries, such as concussions, can have serious ramifications for a person’s mental health. If you or a person important to you have suffered a brain injury that they are not at fault for, we can help you claim damages. 

Face & Eye Injury

The ramifications of a face injury go beyond the pain and suffering, there are long-term circumstances that can reduce a person’s ability to enjoy life. Injuries to sensory organs like our eyes can remove our access to life. Facial scarring can lead to low self-esteem in a person, which can inhibit their ambitions further. If you have been impacted in any way by a face injury, our panel of solicitors for Sheffield can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Spinal Damage & Back Injuries

Our spine is the vessel that allows our minds to control the rest of our bodies. Any damage to the spinal cord, such as that from a back injury, can have massive implications. It could remove someone’s agility or cause them to become fully paralysed. If you have suffered a back injury that was not your fault, our panel of solicitors for Sheffield can help you claim the damages required to accommodate any changes to your life you may require.

Neck Injuries

The neck is a particularly susceptible, yet integral part of the human body. Not only does it transmit blood flow to our brains, but it also connects our minds to the rest of our body, allowing us the autonomy of movement we have come to take for granted. Any damage to the neck presents a considerable risk of paralysis or even death. That is why our team at Accident Claims Sheffield are committed to securing you the highest reparation possible for your neck injury and to help you adjust, where necessary, to any consequences from the accident.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries have the capability of making life challenging. Such injuries could limit access to activities such as sports and leisure and can affect the fitness of the injured person long-term. If you have suffered in such a way, our team at Accident Claims Sheffield can help you claim damages against the party at fault. We can also help you access physical therapy to recover your strength.

Chest Injuries

A chest injury can have dire consequences, due to the importance of the organs it protects. If you have experienced a personal injury to the chest, our panel of solicitors for Sheffield can make sure that you case is thoroughly investigated, and that any health complications are considered when calculating your compensation.

Arm and Elbow Injuries

From fractured bones to amputations, the level of harm our arms can take varies and can have substantial outcomes outside of the original injury. That why it is important for us at Accident Claims Sheffield to treat all cases seriously, regardless of the severity. If your arm has been injured, our panel of solicitors will see to it that you get the compensation best fitting your situation.  

Hand and Finger Injuries

Something as simple as a hand injury could put you out of work, and a finger injury, such a losing a finger, could see your access to everyday things limited substantially. This is why it is important that our panel solicitors for Sheffield make every conceivable consideration to make sure your compensation reflects the impact a personal injury such as this can have on your life.

Hip Injuries

Hip injuries can put people out of work for a seriously long time, which can affect your financial stability as well as your ability to experience leisure activities. Therefore, our panel of solicitors for Sheffield are meticulous when it comes to calculating the compensation you are owed for a hip injury. We make sure the damages reflect the initial pain and suffering, as well as any ongoing problems you may endure because of your personal injury.

Injuries to the Leg or Knee

Injuring your leg or knee isn’t likely put your life in danger, but it can weaken you for a considerable amount of time. Such injuries can limit your ability to work and enjoy life, leaving you to watch season after season of shows you’d never normally sit through. In this regard, you would be less financially stable, and if the accident wasn’t your fault, that alone might be reason to seek damages. Let us help you get back on your feet by calling 01144 938 199^ and speaking to the team at Accident Claims Sheffield.

Injuries to the Feet, Ankles or Toes

Your foot is a sensitive place to be injured, considering how complex the structure of the foot is. Even minor injuries to the ankle could lead to a lifetime of missed exercise opportunities and restricted employment options. Should you have encountered an injury to your foot or toes in Sheffield and you weren’t at fault for it, we can help you seek compensation.

Damage to Internal Organs

Organ damage will often come from a seriously traumatic accident, or some form of debilitating illness. If you have suffered organ damage, and the cause of it is not your fault, our panel of solicitors for Sheffield will help you claim the maximum compensation owed to you.


Paralysis, however it is brought on, is something that scares everyone. The inability to function on your own, regardless of the level of paralysis, is stressful and demeaning – we all want to maintain our autonomy. If you or someone you love has become paralysed through no fault of their own, our team at Accident Claims Sheffield will help you claim compensation and seek the care needed to manage this delicate situation long-term.

Lung Disease

Even though lung diseases are not strictly a personal injury, our panel solicitors for Sheffield can help you if a disease has been contracted through working conditions and/or exposure to substances like Asbestos. We can help you claim compensation you need to make your lung disease manageable.

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