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Oil rigs are dangerous places; there is no doubt about that. They are dangerous due to a number of obvious factors. Firstly because of the substances on board the oil rigs, from the oil itself to other harmful and flammable substances. Oil rigs are also dangerous because of the heavy machinery on board (such as drills and cranes) and also because they are out at sea and are far from hospitals and urgent / specialist medical attention that may not be available on board the rig. In addition, oil rigs are dangerous because of regular workplace hazards such as slips, trips and falls.

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Employers on oil rigs have a duty of care to ensure that their employees are safe. This involves a number of things from ensuring that employees are provided with the appropriate training (both for doing their job and health and safety) and access to medical and safety equipment such as gloves, goggles and protective clothing. Failure to provide for their employee’s health and safety is a breach of the employer’s duty of care and if this negligence results in injury then the employer could be faced with a compensation claim.

If you are an employee on an oil rig and you have suffered an injury following an accident that was not your fault then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim against your employer. The amount of compensation you can claim following an oil rig injury will depend on the seriousness of the injury, recovery time, the amount of compensation that has been claimed in previously decided cases and government guidelines.

If you would like to make a claim then you should speak with one of our personal injury solicitors** in Sheffield who will help you to gather evidence, establish liability and negotiate a settlement all on a no win no fee* basis. This means that you only have to pay your legal fees if you win, which in any event will be paid for by your employer (or their insurance company). You can therefore concentrate on recovering and making your claim.

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