Fatal Accident Compensation Claims in Sheffield

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but when it’s at the hands of a negligent party, grief turns to anger, confusion, and stress. When people important to you suffer a Fatal Accident, the consequences don’t end with them, they ripple across the whole family. Accidental deaths put a significant strain on the emotional and financial health of the entire family. Trying to hold those responsible to account can be almost impossible while trying to cope with losing another breadwinner, and/or suffering psychiatric distress from the death. This is where our legal experts for Sheffield can help.

We can help you claim for an accidental death with our expert legal team.

We will seek to make sure your family are looked after through a compensation award that reflects your needs, and the mental support you need to keep your head above water. Contact us on 01144 938 199^ to get a free case assessment and to hear how our no win, no fee* personal injury claims can work for you.

What Makes a Fatal Accident Claim?

When an accident in Sheffield results in a person’s death, and it was caused by another’s negligence – be it a person or organisation – a Fatal Accident claim can be brought by the deceased’s loved ones. This allows justice to be sought on behalf of the deceased, as well as financial restitution to be awarded to help the burden on the family. Whilst it will never replace the loss, knowing that those responsible have been held to account will help prevent others from enduring Fatal Accidents in the future.

Which types of Fatal Accidents can be claimed for in Sheffield?#

Fatal Accident claims in Sheffield can be brought for many different situations, including, but not limited to:

Whilst some causes of accident death are more common than others, such as with car accidents, our team will pursue any Fatal Accident claim on your behalf. Even if the causes of the death are unclear, we will work our hardest to establish liability, and see that your family is compensated for your loss.

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How do I make a claim for a Fatal Accident?

Every Fatal Accident claim, no matter how it occurred, is assessed closely by our senior legal teams. We will work with medical specialists, investigators, and witnesses to paint a picture of the accident in Sheffield and who can be blamed for the wrongful death.

Even if you’re 100% sure of the attribution of blame for the wrongful death, the process of making one is not so straightforward. Our personal injury solicitors** for Sheffield will help you to navigate towards a successful result for your family.

Who can Bring a Claim for a Fatal Accidental?

The executors of the deceased’s estate – as appointed in their Will – are entitled to claim on behalf of them for the Fatal Accident. The damages they can claim include: pain and suffering, probate (executry in Scotland) and funeral expenses, property damage, and loss of income, if the deceased didn’t die right after the accident in Sheffield.

The deceased’s family can also claim for a variety of awards, such as loss of financial dependency, loss of services, funeral expenses, and a statuary bereavement award. The immediate family is entitled to make these claims, as well as any stepchildren, and the spouse or long-term partner of the deceased (provided they have been living with them for over 2 years).

The executors need to file their claims before the immediate family can, who are given six months to do so, but all those who wish to claim can do so at the same time.

What evidence do I need to make a Fatal Accident claim?

The cause of death will be determined by a coroner, as well as the likely time and location. With this information, your appointed panel solicitor will be able to determine fault. Evidence in a Fatal Accident claim might consist of:

  • Photographic
  • Video, such as CCTV or dash-cams
  • Witness testimony
  • Records in accident books
  • Visits to the location to provide context

If the party deemed responsible for the wrongful death accept liability, a settlement for damages may be reached. But should they deny blame, the claim may have to go to court.

Fatal Accidents and going to court

Should the negligent party deny blame or disagree on the compensation award, the case may go to court. However, most personal injury claims don’t end up in court, even in the case of a wrongful death.

Will my claim require a criminal trial or Fatal Accident Inquiry?

If you need to take part in a criminal, or civil, case, our panel solicitors will help guide you through the particular process – dependent on your unique situation. However, it is important to bear in mind that like Criminal Injury Claims, a verdict is not needed to pass before you make a claim.

And if your case goes to a Fatal Accident Inquiry, we will be there to guide you through the complexities of such a situation. We’ll let you know how it might affect your Fatal Accident claim, and what you will need to prepare for.

What is the time limit for making a Fatal Accident claim?

You have up to three years to make your claim for the Fatal Accident. After this point, you will be forbidden from claiming, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

It can take some time to settle a claim of this nature, because of the inherent complexities that come with a wrongful death. We suggest you call our Sheffield team as soon as possible to get access to compensation. We’re available on 01144 938 199^ and you can speak to us under no-obligation.

Compensation awards for Fatal Accidents

Fatal Accidents are a little harder to calculate than other personal injuries because they need to take into account what the deceased would have earned for the family. And because there are more costs associated with one’s passing, many of these awards can be claimed before a settlement to alleviate those pressures. The following is a list of the type of damages a Fatal Accident can be awarded:

Fatal Accident Compensation – Financial Dependency

If your loved one was a contributor to the household and had dependants relying on them, you can claim damages to cover this gap. This way, your family can manage – at least financially – without them.

Fatal Accident Compensation – Loss of Services

The deceased would have likely played a large role in the house, and their loss will leave you without certain “services.” These can be in the form of childcare, finance management, DIY and house care, cleaning, shopping – just about any value they brought to the house can be quantified. Especially with childcare, where paying childminders or for nursery will incur significant costs.

Fatal Accident Compensation – General Damages and Financial Expenses

Like most personal injury claims, Fatal Accident claims will account for the pain and suffering experienced by the deceased. In particular, if the deceased did not die immediately, there would have been a number of expenses accrued by the family as they sought to visit and take care of them. These costs can all be reclaimed.

Fatal Accident Compensation – Funeral and Legal Costs

It is only fair that the party responsible for the Fatal Accident pay for the funeral and legal costs. As such, the funeral – except for the wake – will be covered in the compensation award and can be released early to the deceased’s family to alleviate the pressure of their finances. Probate costs – or Executry in Scotland – are often expensive, and are required to wrap up an estate. These costs are also accounted for in the award.

Fatal Accident Compensation – Statuary Bereavement Award

There is a fixed award of £15,120 payable to the partner of the deceased known as the “Statuary Bereavement Award.” This part of the compensation package is earmarked for the suffering the partner experiences because of the loss of a loved one.

Fatal Accident Compensation – Intangible Benefits

Something more unquantifiable to calculate, but by no means not important, is an award for the loss of love itself. Love is a frightfully difficult thing to find and hang onto. As such, the “intangible benefit” that the deceased brought to your family is compensated as well. Although a payment for this will never replace the real thing, it is meant to acknowledge the positivity it brought to your life.

Fatal Accident Compensation – Calculating the Amount

With all of these elements of accounted for, it should make sense that estimating an award online without any knowledge of your family is of no value to you. This is why we offer our claim assessment under no-obligation to you. You can speak to us on 01144 938 199^ and if we feel you have a claim for the wrongful death, we will appoint you a Sheffield solicitor from our panel to represent your family.

They will also help you receive another benefit, justice. Knowing that those responsible have been penalised should bring some comfort to you, as well as help prevent these kinds of Fatal Accidents occurring again.

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