Food Poisoning Compensation

Estimations published by the Food Standards Agency claim that over five million people suffer from food poisoning in the United Kingdom each year. This value may be even higher given the fact that cases are not always reported and it is therefore difficult to get an accurate figure. However, it is clear that there have been a large number of successful food poisoning compensation claims, with common claims against restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. If you have suffered from food poisoning it is important to speak to a Sheffield personal injury expert as soon as is reasonably possible after the occurrence of the symptoms in order to discuss whether or not you have a case for claiming compensation.

Bacterial Food Contamination

There are a number of symptoms associated with food poisoning, and these usually occur within 24 – 72 hours of the consumption of the contaminated item. The most common symptoms include sickness, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. Food poisoning is likely to result from a contamination of food, and this is usually caused by food not being cooked correctly or sufficient, by incorrect storage or as a result of lack of hygiene. Regardless of the specific cause of the food poisoning, it is likely that the food will be contaminated by bacteria or a virus, with the most common types being salmonella and Escherichia coli (more commonly known as E coli). The Sheffield personal injury specialists have extensive experience of dealing with salmonella and e coli claims, as well as helping with other types of claims relating to food poisoning compensation.

Make a Claim for Food Poisoning

In order to determine how much compensation may be awarded as a result of food poisoning, the Sheffield solicitors** will need to examine the severity of the injuries suffered and try and determine the exact cause. This will involve looking in detail at any medical documentation as well as examining any costs that may have been incurred. The Sheffield legal specialist may also ask for expert evidence from a medical expert who has an understanding of the particular illness or injury suffered. It is important to note that food poisoning can sometimes cause severe injury and has even led to fatalities.

Food Poisoning Compensation Claims Lawyers Sheffield

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