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Workplace compensation claims dropped by 50% in last 10 years

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A report recently released by TUC has found that compensation cases related to workplace injuries and illness have fallen by around 50% in the last decade. The figures revealed that compensation claims have fallen from 183,342 in 2002/03, to 91,115 in 2012/13. Despite there being a promising decline in cases, this could be due to the government making it increasingly difficult for workers to pursue claims of employer negligence

The report found that around 6 out of 7 workers who are injured or made ill at work (85.7%) receive no compensation whatsoever. This is because the government has removed the burden of proof from the employer, and increased the costs for employees to have their case heard.

Around 110,000 people suffered personal injuries at work and around 500,000 became ill as a result of work in the last year. The most common injuries include injuries from slips, trips and falls, repetitive strain injuries, back injuries and hearing problems. The report found that only around 90,000 workers succeed in gaining compensation from their employers each year.

“The end result is likely to be a much higher rate of workplace accidents”

The report also looked into the size of compensation claims. It analysed around 64,000 claims in 2011 and found that the vast majority of workplace compensation paid to injured workers was less than £5,000. Around 75% of cases are for damages of less than £10,000.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The true government motivation here is to weaken health and safety legislation and make it even harder to for victims to pursue claims against their employers. Unfortunately the end result is likely to be a much higher rate of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses in the future.

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