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Councils payout £2.5m in personal injury compensation

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Two Devon councils have paid out a total of £2.5 million in personal injury compensation over the last four years.  Between 2010 and 2013, Plymouth City Council paid out £2.1m and Torbay Council £400,000 to claimants who suffered personal injuries. These claims ranged from injuries resulting from tripping on pavements, to one claimant who fell into a harbour. The figures were released as a result of a BBC Freedom of Information request.

The highest individual payout between the two councils was £105,000. Devon County Council, however, refused to respond to the information request. Plymouth City Council awarded the £105,000 payout in 2010 after a member of public suffered a serious back injury as a result of a “footway surface defect”. Only 3 claimants out of 10 were successful. 

Only paid out where council is liable

Torbay Council payouts ranged from £83,000 in 2010 to 21 claimants, to around £118,000 for 15 claims in 2011. The highest payout was £37,000 to an individual who fell into a Torbay harbour in 2011, injuring their neck and back. Both councils said that payouts had only been issued when they were liable.

Devon County Council said that they did not respond to the Freedom of Information request as it would have taken up too much of the officers’ time. Nearby council Cornwall Council paid out £800,000 in compensation, and Dorset County Council £133,000 between 2010 and 2013.

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