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Woman awarded £75,000 in compensation after botched operation

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A woman has been awarded £75,000 in compensation after a medical operation went wrong, leaving her with a colostomy for two years. The woman, who remains anonymous, initially sought medical help from her GP for severe constipation. She was referred to consultant Rob Jones after it was believed that she had a prolapse. Mr Jones failed to present any options other than surgery, and scheduled an operation immediately.

On the day of the operation, a locum consultant examined the patient. The consultant said that surgery was not the correct treatment for her condition, and her operation was cancelled. When the pain persisted, the patient returned to her GP, who again referred her to Mr Jones at the Penrice clinic. It was heard that Mr Jones was extremely apologetic about the cancelation of the operation and guaranteed to do the operation personally.

“I found the whole experience horrendous”

The patient underwent surgery in November 2009 and was discharged. However, within one week of the operation, she had to return to the hospital with a fistula, an opening caused by the surgery. The patient had to undergo an emergency operation for the fistula, forming a colostomy to divert her bowel contents through a surgical hole in her abdomen, allowing the fistula time to heal. After another operation to reverse the colostomy, the treatment was finally successful.

The patient said: “I am generally an anxious person and I found the whole experience horrendous … I trusted Mr Jones, and assumed he was the expert, doing what was best for me.

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