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Will ‘pothole app’ reduce whiplash claims?

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With over 1,500 people making whiplash claims in the UK everyday, the government has come up with a new solution to help tackle the problem: a smartphone app. Where the country has endured decades of severe winters and underfunding, potholes have become a huge problem for road users, and councils, nationwide. However, the government has launched a new means of dealing with the problem, through technology. 

According to the Association of British Insurers, potholes cost the insurance industry more than £2billion every year, pushing our average price of yearly motor insurance premiums up by around £90. According to reports by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, local authorities in England have paid-out around £23.8million in compensation to injured road users because of potholes.

‘Fill that Hole’

The smartphone app ‘Fill that Hole’ was initially created to help cyclists avoid pothole-related injuries, but was only available to iPhone users. With help from The Department of Transport (DfT), however, the national cycling charity (CTC) has been able to develop a version for Android phones, opening its availability to round 26million road users.

The app combines GPS coordinates and images to position the precise location of potholes. It asks cyclists to take a picture of a pothole when they come across one, and send it into the app. In a matter of minutes, the app alerts the local authority concerned, allowing them to schedule maintenance work – saving potential personal injuries.

If you have suffered a pothole-related injury, please contact us to see if you are eligible for compensation today.  


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