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Raver bitten by police dog

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Around 150 people attended an illegal rave over the weekend, causing police to try to shut down the organised event.  The rave was held on private woodland near the town of Bourne where 2 attendants were arrested for possession of drugs and being unsafe to drive. One attending raver got too close to one of the police dogs and was bitten as a result. 

Insp James Trafford, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “My understanding is the dog was deployed and somebody got a bit close to it and got a bite as a result”. The individual left unidentified, which suggests that no serious injury was sustained. 

Seized their sound system

Police were called to the gathering at midnight after many locals had complained about the noise – they managed to cease the event by around 6pm. Attendees were described by police as being “fairly hostile” as they refused to leave following a legal notice ordering them to disperse. Finally, police seized their sound system, which put an end to the rave. 

The landowner was relieved after police stopped the party and that they left no serious damage other than a broken gate. 

  • Between 2009-11 police forces across the UK had to pay out around £770,000 in compensation to members of public bitten by police dogs. 
  • These dogs bites cost more than employing two junior constables for a year
  • Greater Manchester Police paid out the most at £180,743

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