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Boy falls through roof of Rank Hovis Mill factory

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A teenage boy fell through the roof of a disused Rank Hovis Mill factory in Ramsgate yesterday, and is now critically ill in hospital. Thought to be 13 years old, the boy and his friend had been playing on the roof of the disused building when the roof gave way under his feet. He was taken by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital, where he is now being treated for rather severe injuries.

A spokesman from the Kent Fire and Rescue Service said that the boy had fallen around 20ft (6m). Rescue services were immediately called to the site, but took a while to locate the fallen boy. Firefighters reached the site first, giving the boy first aid until the ambulances arrived just after 16:00 BST. Two ambulances were sent to the site, but because of the teenager’s condition, air ambulances had to be called to the scene.

Sold by Rank Hovis a decade ago

The building has been disused for the last ten years, since it was sold by Rank Hovis. Because of it being in such a poor condition, emergency services took a little time to reach the boy, as entering the building was difficult. Not only this, but one ambulance spokeswoman mentioned: “it isn’t a small building” – locating the boy inside was yet another challenge for emergency services.

One rescue service spokesman said: “Firefighters gained entry to the building and gave CPR to the youngster before he was given further treatment by paramedics and then transferred to the air ambulance.

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