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Man banned from owning dogs after attack

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A man from Northampton has been banned from owning dogs after his Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross seriously injured another dog and its owner. 29-year-old Aaron Evans had tied the dog up in his garden on the 28 March when it managed to get free and jump the fence. On the street there was a man walking his dog, which the Staffordshire Bull Terrier decided to attack, causing the dog serious injuries and the owner an injury to the hand.

It was heard in court that the Staffy locked its jaws into the body of the other dog. When the owner attempted to get between them, he was also injured. He received treatment for his injury at A&E.

A “playful” dog

Mr Evans pleaded guilty to owning a dangerously out of control dog that caused injury. However, he said that his dog had never attacked anyone, or another dog, before, describing its nature as “playful”. Mr Evans said that he no longer cared for the dog and had handed it on to another owner.

Mr Evans was sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge. He was ordered to pay the victim £300 in compensation, a victim surcharge of £20 and court costs of £85. He was also banned from owning any dogs for an 18-month period.

Dogs bite around 200,000 people every year in England, costing the NHS around £3million.

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