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Gloucestershire sees rise in dog bites and attacks

Posted in: Animal Attacks 

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act have highlighted that the number of dog attacks reported to police in Gloucestershire is on the rise. Figures released to the Gloucestershire Citizen revealed that the number of dog attacks reported to the police as crimes have climbed from 62 to 72 in the last three years, with the number of victims also climbing from 73 to 80 in the same three-year period. 

It was found that less than one fifth of those attacks resulted in police charges as most were dealt with by a COP resolution. Maud Franklin was hospitalized in 2009 after being attacked by a Jack Russell in her garden. She argued that all dog-attack victims should insist on charges being laid. She said: “The police would not have taken the dog’s owner to court if my daughters had not insisted”. 

The incident required a skin graft

Mrs Franklin suffered a 10cm x 6cm wound to her right calf after the owner’s son left her gate open and the dog ran through to her garden. The dog, named Bubba, had already bitten Mrs Franklin six months before, but the second incident required a skin graft at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. Mrs Franklin received £1,000 in compensation.

The figures given to the Gloucestershire Council revealed that 2011 saw 12 charges laid, 2012 saw 10, and last year 14.  Community Orientated Policing resolutions – whereby police deal with incidents by mutual agreement – however, saw 25, 20 and 20 for those years. Last year also saw two cautions.

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