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Girl with cerebral palsy wins over £10m following hospital failings

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An 11-year-old girl has been awarded over £10million in compensation following birthing complications that left her severely disabled. The girl, who remains anonymous, suffered a respiratory collapse only minutes after her delivery at Malton Hospital in 2003. The nearest general hospital, York, was forty minutes away and ambulance staff were unable to get her there in time to save her from oxygen starvation and permanent brain damage.

The girl now suffers with cerebral palsy and depends on her parents for around the clock care. The York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust admitted liability for her injuries in 2013 and issued a public apology in court through their lawyers.

New house that accommodates specific care needs

The agreed settlement includes a lump sum of £4.7million, plus tax-free and index-linked annual payments for life to cover her specialist care costs. Payments will start at £105,500 a year, and then increase to £210,000 a year when she turns 19. The total package is over £10million.

It was heard in court that a new house has been purchased for the family that accommodates the victim’s specific care needs. It was also heard that when she turns 19, the care provided by her parents will be replaced by a specialist care team.

The family’s lawyer said: “Nothing can put my client back into the position she should have been in. Hopefully, however, this settlement will make life a bit more comfortable for her and her family.

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