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Brain damaged boy awarded payout

Posted in: Birth Injury Head and Brain Injuries Medical Negligence 

A 9-year-old boy has been awarded with a payout of £10m after being left severely brain damaged following mistakes made during his birth. Aaron Crosby, from Lincoln, is unable to speak or use his limbs after he was starved of oxygen during his birth at Lincoln County Hospital. During his birth, his mother had been administered a drug, of which she was given excessive doses, to stimulate contractions during labour. 

Due to these hospital errors, a payout of £10m has been agreed – one of the biggest compensation packages believed to have been paid out by the NHS. Not only was Aaron affected by the medication, but his mother Rebecca (now 38) suffered uterine hyperstimulation because of the excessive doses. 

Heart monitor disconnected

It was also found that medical staff had failed to check Aaron’s heart rate throughout the last 35 minutes of the delivery. This was due to the heart monitor being disconnected because of Mrs Crosby’s distress during labour, which then saw a delay in reconnecting it.

Aaron will now spend the rest of his life with athetoid cerebral palsy and epilepsy following the brain damaged he suffered; he will also have a reduced life expectancy. The NHS payout will allow Aaron to receive all the care he needs: including 24-hour support, a specially adapted home and transport, multiple pieces of equipment and aids, and also physiotherapy for his mobility.

A trust spokesman said: “The trust is pleased that the hearing has been brought to a mutually satisfactory conclusion and hopes that the agreed settlement will assist Aaron to achieve his full potential in the future.

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