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Mother takes legal action against bus firm for serious fall

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A mother-of-three is taking legal action against the bus company Arriva after injuries left her housebound. 47-year-old Anne-Marie Lee boarded an Arriva bus on 25 February when it suddenly jolted before she was able to sit down. She suffered a serious fall which left her with life-changing injuries.

Ms Lee was immediately taken to Whiston hospital after the incident, where x-rays found a compressed fracture in one of her vertebrae. Three months after the accident happened, Ms Lee remains in a back brace, unable to move and in a great degree of pain.

Unable to bathe or dress herself

Ms Lee said that the injuries left her completely paralysed for several days and she was forced to remain in hospital for a week after the incident. She said that she was then fitted with a back brace, had numerous physio sessions and occupational health involvement before returning home. She said that she is still unable to do day-to-day activities, such as bathing and dressing herself.

Ms Lee said that she is seeking compensation as the bus accident has had a huge impact on her life. She blames her injury on a mechanical fault in the bus as an alert to say that the wheelchair ramp was down was triggered, when it was not, which automatically activated the brakes. 

Ms Lee said: “I have complained to Arriva and got a solicitor looking into it, as I am seeking compensation.

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