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Families launch legal battle after their children are injured in bus crash

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The families of multiple schoolchildren injured in a bus crash in County Durham last month have launched legal action for their extensive injuries. The crash happened on the 3rd of June between one double-decker bus, operated by Go North-East, and a single-decker bus run by Stanley Travel in Shield Row Lane, near the junction of the A693. Both of the drivers and 28 schoolchildren were taken to a nearby hospital by 13 ambulances.

Both of the buses had been taking schoolchildren to their schools when the crash happened: one to Tanfield School and the other to St Bede’s School in Lanchester. One law firm has been asked to represent 15 pupils that were injured in the bus crash. According to the company, Stanley Travel has already admitted liability for the accident, opening a compensation settlement to be agreed for the passengers of both buses. It has been highlighted that this case could play a big part in improving the safety of public transport for the future.

Nightmares and flashbacks

One of the passengers, thirteen-year-old Sean Williamson, had been sitting directly behind the driver of the double-decker bus when the accident happened. He suffered serious bruising to his neck and legs after he collided with a metal bar during the incident. When getting off the bus, he passed the driver and believed him to be dead due to his excessive bleeding. Even though the driver fully recovered from the accident, the memory caused Sean to suffer with nightmares and flashbacks for a long time after.

Mr Williamson, from Stanley Travel, said: “We [also] want to know exactly what happened so that any lessons can be learnt to stop this from happening again.

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