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Ryanair compensates injured passenger

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Flight operator Ryanair have been forced to pay out compensation to an inured traveller following a court case. The company, who deny any blame for the incident, paid 33 year old Ronald Furlong, £28k, following a cup of boiling tea being spilled on Mr Furlong’s lap when passing the tea to another passenger. Ryanair claim that Mr Furlong was not paying adequate attention and was acting in a careless fashion which resulted in him spilling the tea himself. However Mr Furlong claimed that sufficient health and safety procedures were not carried out. He claimed that the cup did not have a lid and that the stewardess did not pass the tea safely. The incident took place in August 2012.

Significant affect on his personal life

Mr Furlong, who took the case to the Irish Circuit Civil Court, described how he had to remove his trousers in the aisle of the aeroplane, and went on to describe how the incident had had a significant affect on his personal life.

Ryanair was also fined around £412k in January of this year when Italian consumer watchdog AGCM found that the company were imposing unreasonable charges for premium rate customer service phone lines. This was following a flood of complaints by consumers who were unhappy with the service provided.

Earlier in the year, Ryanair customers were also given the go-ahead to claim compensation for flight cancellations and delays when it was discovered that the company were in breach of European law. Ryanair were claiming that the time limit on compensation claims was 2 years, and not 6 as stipulated by the EU.

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