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RNLI launches super lifeboat

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has officially launched a £2.1m lifeboat that will reach emergencies 50% faster than the boat it has replaced. The Nora Stachura lifeboat was named after a woman whose legacy funded the lifeboat and was launched this Saturday. The boat will be operated through a mobile launching system, which operates on the beach and in the sea to dramatically cut-down on turnaround times.

St Ives RNLI is the first lifeboat station in Cornwall to receive a Shannon class lifeboat, (powered by water jets and capable of reaching 25 knots). Rob Cocking has assumed the position of driver, saying “the lifeboat has been in my blood for over a century”. He’s following in the steps of his brother, father, and grandfather.

10 minute turnaround time

The mobility of the launch and recovery time has resulted in the turnaround time being reduced to 10 minutes on average, in comparison to the previous 25 minute turnaround. Mr Cocking said that not only does the new boat allow emergencies to be reached and treated far earlier, safety has also been dramatically improved for the crew members, with “shock absorbing seats and integrated management and control systems.

Where the new system ran into some difficulty during previous training sessions at beaches in nearby Hayle, the RNLI said that this was simply down to the crews not being familiar with the new kit.

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