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New road safety scheme launched after spree of cyclist deaths

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A new road safety scheme has been launched following the numerous cyclist deaths that have occurred in London recently. Yesterday – Monday 25th November – saw some 150 road-users being fined for breaking road traffic laws in an attempt to improve the safety on roads. ‘Operation Safeway’ ensures that Met Police officers are deployed at all 166 key junctions in London during rush hour periods to issue fixed penalty notices, warning road users who are breaking the law.

6 cyclists dead in only 2 weeks

‘Operation Safeway’ has been introduced to tackle the recent increase in cyclist deaths in London. Earlier in the month saw six cyclists being killed on London’s roads in a time period of only 14 days. The cyclists who died between the 5th and 13th of November included 62-year-old Brian Holt, 69-year-old Francis Golding, 43-year-old Roger William De Klerk, 24-year-old Venera Minakhmetova, and a 21-year-old man from St John’s Wood who has not as of yet been officially identified by Police. The number of cyclists killed so far this year on the streets of London is the same figure as the entirety of deaths in 2012.

A spokesperson from the force said that most fines were being issued for using mobile phones when driving or for driving through red lights. Yesterday saw around 650 officers being present at 60 sites across London; however, the scheme is due to see all 2,500 traffic officers playing a role. ‘Operation Safeway’ is due to operate until Christmas, when officials will review its overall effectiveness.

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