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Multiple Sclerosis medication should be offered earlier

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According to a report published by the Multiple Sclerosis Society, people suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, in its most common form, are not being offered drug treatment early enough. The report states that doctors currently use a “wait-and-see” approach, which causes patients suffering with the disease to experience unnecessary deterioration in their condition. Drug watchdog NICE, however, responded by saying that where “disease-modifying therapy” can help in some cases, the benefits and side-effects have to be weighed up.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an incurable disease that affects around 100,000 people in the UK. It varies in severity, with sufferers experiencing symptoms including pain, loss of sight, severe fatigue and, in some cases, disability. Many sufferers have a form of the condition that relapses, causing them to experience severe and sudden worsening of their symptoms, followed by periods of time where the condition almost disappears.

“this needs to change for the sake of tens of thousands”

According to this new report, the patients suffering with these remitting forms of the condition are actually experiencing a worsening of their symptoms with every phase of remission. It suggests that if disease-modifying drugs were to be prescribed to these sufferers, their condition may improve.

Michelle Mitchell, of the MS Society, said: “In the UK, the most common treatment option for MS in its early stages is currently no treatment and this needs to change for the sake of tens of thousands of people’s health.

The organisation continues to fight for an agreement amongst doctors and nurses to prescribe this treatment within six months of diagnosis.

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