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Majority of injured workers not compensated

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Despite speculation that a ‘compensation culture’ is developing in the UK, figures suggest otherwise – showing that the majority of the country’s injured workers are not compensated at all. Figures show that over 600,000 people a year report a work-related illness or injury, with 25,000 forced to give up work as a result. The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers is trying to tackle the ‘myth’ that workplace accidents automatically result in big compensation claims.

One personal injury lawyer said the he was frustrated by the common perception of how personal injury claims are dealt with. He said that many people believe that workers simply “have a go” at making claims, and that this is not correct. He argued that claimants are required to go through a long process to prove negligence or a breach of statutory duty to receive compensation.

“to provide the rehabilitation they require”

Another personal injury lawyer said that many injured workers choose not even to pursue a legitimate claim: “Some people are reluctant to claim compensation for fear of losing their job or being treated unfairly as a result.” He stressed that injured workers don’t only require compensation to replace loss of income, but also to provide the rehabilitation they require.

The case has been argued that if a worker suffers a broken arm, requiring around eight weeks off work, they could gain around £5,000. From this, that worker will then be able to return to the position they were in before their accident. No profit is gained from personal injury compensation.

Workers who suffer workplace illness or injury because of the negligence of their employer deserve to be compensated.

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