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Father sues hospital over baby death

Posted in: Birth Injury Medical Negligence Wrongful & Accidental Death 

The father of a baby who died during childbirth is suing the NHS for damages. Five years after Ian Wild’s son was delivered stillborn due to medical failings, Mr Wild says he now suffers from a “psychiatric injury” because of the trauma. He and his wife, Lisa, went to Southend Hospital in March 2009 when Lisa went into labour. Nurses, however, were unable to find a heartbeat for the baby and he was later delivered stillborn.

Southend Hospital bosses have admitted liability for the baby’s death. It was heard in court that the death could have been prevented had staff recognised that the baby’s growth was severely restricted in the womb during previous examinations. If staff had identified the problem earlier, the baby could have been delivered earlier and he would have survived.

No duty of care to Mr Wild

Ian Wild said that the shock of being informed that his son was dead, followed by watching him being delivered stillborn resulted in him suffering a ‘psychiatric injury’. The trust previously settled a claim for Mrs Wild (£41,000) for the grief she suffered as a result of her son’s death. Mr Wild, however, is now fighting for compensation. It was heard in court that the trust had a duty of care to Mrs Wild, but not Mr Wild. Mr Wild said that it was unjust that he should not be recognised as having suffered pathological grief.

The case is due to continue on a later, unspecified date.

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