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Leicester woman severely injured in New York taxi crash

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23-year-old Sian Green, from Leicester, was seriously injured after being hit by a taxi in New York City on Tuesday. The British tourist had part of her leg severed when the cab reportedly mounted the kerb in Manhattan, and crashed into Ms. Green. The family has thanked a celebrity doctor and a passer-by for saving her life with the use of a mere dog lead and belt.

Mehmet Oz – a well-known doctor in the US – had been filming in the area at the time of the accident, and was able to apply a tourniquet to stem the bleeding.  A passerby, David Justino, assisted Dr. Oz by providing first aid after witnessing the accident; Mr Justino said: “She flew up in the air, the leg was severed right off, the other was mangled. So I just grabbed my belt went over, lifted her up, put it on and held it.” Another witness assisted with a dog lead, and held the other leg until Dr. Oz came over.

Unathorised driver

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said that the circumstances of the accident are being investigated. The police told media that the driver had not been charged, or arrested, as he had been issued with a summons for being unauthorised to drive the vehicle.

The family is grateful to those who assisted after the accident, as the simple use of a dog lead and belt were enough to save her life. Ms. Green’s father, Jason, told media that surgeons had to remove what was left of her foot, but that she is now on her way to recovery.

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